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I like drawing.
It sucks. THERE. I said it already so none of you have to. <3

I like drawing.

It sucks. THERE. I said it already so none of you have to. <3

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You don’t love me for who I am. And this I knew, all along.

So i Haven’t Been On Tumblr For A Few Months And I Finally Remember Why;

It’s nothigng but pictures of food and half naked sluts who have no idea as to what self-respect means.

That or it’s a bunch of potheads - “Life sucks then you die so fuck it lets get high”

-______-; Lifes not that bad.

Self-respect is a pretty fancy word that some of you should learn. 

Mmmm pizza.

The World Is A Terrible Place; Reasons Not To Have Kids.

I remember being a kid, and over-hearing conversations about how the world was turning into a bad place. How girls were exposing themselves, and how guys were becoming more and more disrespectful. I remember thinking about how dumb that was, and how it wasn’t true. 

Ironic how I’ve grown to go completely against what I thought was the truth.

I used to think pot was good for you, that posting naked pictures was artistic.

It’s not. 

Now when I look at things, I realize how disgusting the world really is. It seems so much worse than it was back then.

Everyone is into drugs. Drugs aren’t good for you… Pot isn’t good for you either. Yet, people glamorize it like it is. Everyone comes up with these pathetic and tiny little excuses and ideas as to how pot is good for you. Like - “Well they give pot to aids and cancer patients”. No, they give them marinol. It’s mostly the THC. This means there are no carcinogens, and the patient doesn’t expirience the same high as someone who smokes pot would.

Honestly I don’t even fucking know why I’m posting it. It’s not going to change anything, and everyone’s still going to be as ignorant and as disgusting as they were beforehand. 

I feel at this point, that there’s no chance for humanity. 

The truth is every girl out there is making herself up to be a slut. Whether she is one or not, her half bra and shorts that barely cover her ass say nothing but, “I’m open to fuck.”

And it’s disgusting. 

You think dressing like a hoe is classy?

I didn’t know much class could be found at the corner of main street under the street light. 

Forget about love, forget about getting dressed up to go out to eat, and forget about the cute dates. It’s all about ripping your clothes off, fuckin on a table, and forgetting the person you been with just last night cause you were too hammered to even remember their face. Shit, it’d be a shock you even remembered you were with someone in the first place.

I hate screaming.

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i bet faceboook didn’t think of this

I was leaning way too close to the computer.

Way too close.


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Photo Courtesy: thehungergamestrilogy

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I fucking hate you so fucking much. You’re an asshole a piece of shit. I never fucking want to see your ugly face again. Go rot in hell you douche bag. I never want to hear your name or see your face. I don’t want to talk to you or be around you ever. Never again. I hate you so fucking much I really, fucking do.